Google Plus Optimisation

Google plus by Google is the fastest growing social media platform providing loads of opportunities to businesses across the globe and decently competing with other social media giants like Facebook. Google plus offer exclusive features which combine it to other Google services like blogger, drive and others automatically.

Google plus features not only boost your business ranking in SERP but also increase credibility rating of your business as well.  Google plus profile ranks well in search results if the targeted keyword embedded correctly in post and reviews on Google plus network.

Google plus offers different services like.

  • Personal Account Setup
  • Business Page Setup
  • Audience Engagement by circles, +1, shares & comments
  • Hangouts
  • Chat
  • Photos and video sharing
  • Authorship
  • Google Places

Despite of these benefits Google is looking to add more + options, services and products to its most versatile social media platform.

Local SEO WIZ UK offers Google plus optimization services to UK businesses those who are looking to reach on top of Google results by utilizing Google plus services.