Tips to Recover From The Google Penguin Penalty

Tips to Recover From The Google Penguin Penalty

There is a lot of discussion is going around about Google Penguin. Earlier when people used to perform different easy methods like keyword stuffing, duplicate content, over use of link building and other malpractices to get top ranking in search engine results with enormous traffic; Google analysed the situation and introduced a back door algorithm to identify and handle those black hat techniques. Since then Google keeps updating the algorithm time to time to provide quality search results.

Google Penguin was built with the intentions of fighting against black hat techniques. Google penguin algorithm updates gradually were enhanced by Google them penguin started to evaluate search results and to decrease the rank of websites that uses black hat techniques in order to manipulate search engine algorithm.

The penguin fever has attacked recently on May 2013 and hit globally websites those are ignoring Google webmaster guidelines. Now the question is how to recover website from Google Penguin Updates.

There are lot of SEO agencies who are providing services to recover websites from Google Penguin updates.

Local SEO WIZ UK is one of the best SEO agency in UK who is providing quality Google Penguin recovery services for Penguin penalty victims. We have adopted a high quality techniques and procedures to get rid from Penguin updates in order to recover websites.

Following are some important measures that needs to be followed for Penguin Recovery.

  • Quality is everything because quality link building and quality content according to Google webmaster guidelines keeps your website on track and make it more credible in the eyes on Penguin. If you got hit by Penguin then simply analyse your websites backlinks’ completely and find out low quality links as well as low quality content that alarmed Penguin to flag your website spam.
  • According to Google webmaster guidelines Penguin dislikes paid links. Penguin considers paid links as an unhealthy practice of getting ranked higher in SERP. Therefore you should remove them completely and immediately.
  • Use of variable anchor texts naturally. Google webmaster guidelines states that keep using exact match keywords every time is not an intelligent approach to link building rather a coarse approach. You should use other anchor texts like branded and generic anchor texts. The variation tells Penguin that you are adopting a right path.
  • Get as many links from Social Media as you can because Penguin considers it highly reputable and popular platforms to get links back to your website. Social Media Services like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others grasped the whole world. Therefore if you are not using social platform for links purposes then it is the worst thing you are doing.

Google Penguin Fever is everywhere and it will increase over time. That’s why planning and taking suitable measures on time is necessary to clean up your website from black hat viruses and make it a healthy internet business portal.